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Cable insulation film


Data Cable Materials

Based on the independent research and development, using advanced equipment and technology to produce many kinds of functional laminates with high performance and quality. The products have the characteristics such as shielding, insulation, fusible and flame retardant by variety of packaging methods, it is widely used the field such as wire and cable, semiconductor packaging etc.


Shielding Laminates

The COAXMATE® laminates family cost of Foil/Film, Foil/Film/Foil and Foil/Film/Film etc. It is applied to the shielding layer of communication cable which can effectively reduce the leakage of internal signal transmission and reduce the external electromagnetic radiation. The feature of LUBRITAPE can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the tape to reduce the mold loss, improve the production efficiency and electrical performance of the cable.


Fusible Laminates and Film

The FUSITAPE laminates and films is coated with functional hot melt adhesive on the surface and metal or film. The products are bonded to different insulating materials or jacket by features of high viscosity, high strength, and high temperature resistance. Many uses for SEP and QSFP parallel pair high speed cable and SAS high speed flat cable.

Flame Retardant Low Smoke Laminates and Film

The FLATEK is characterized by low smoke flame-retardant and shielded insulation of the laminates and film by modification of the flame-retardant substrate and adhesive. It is mainly used in cables with higher combustion level requirements and aviation cables.


Power Cable Materials

 Aluminum Copolymer Laminates

The ALPHABOND aluminum copolymer laminates are used for shielding moisture layer of communication cables and lightning protection layer for power cables. The product is made by aluminum strip with good ductility and copolymer film, the copolymer film has excellent adhesive properties with the jacket and the aluminum tape.

Semi-Conductive Polyester Tape

The semi-conductive polyester tape is coated with the conductive resin on the surface of the polyester film. The surface conductive coating has stable and good conductively. It can effectively weaken the electric field strength and mechanical strength. Mainly used for the wrapping of conductors of various power cables

Glass Fiber Laminates

The fiberglass tape has feature of flame-retardant, it can be laminated with film after being processed by a special coating to achieve the reinforcing effect, it has the characteristics of light weight, no delamination, no wrinkles, no debonding, and uniform winding. Mainly used for wrapping aluminum alloy conductors of UL845 service entrance cable.

Separate Film

It is laminates of paper and film with characteristics of light weight, no delamination and high strength. It is mainly filled between the low-voltage cable jacket and the copper conductor insulation, which plays a good barrier role.



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