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Published on: 22 Dec 2023
Security Seals
Security Seals

Security Seals

Security seals are mechanisms used to seal various kinds of shipments or cargo in a way that provides tamper evidence, provide you with an evidence of unauthorized access.

We supply various type security seals used across a range of markets including the sealing of freight via air, land and sea, securing food containers and by banks to secure cash in transit.

Most of our seals are compliant with international standards including ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT.

Pull-Tight Security Seal

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 Pull-Tight Security Seals are a type of tamper-evident security seal commonly used to secure various items, such as containers, bags, or equipment. These seals are designed to provide evidence of tampering or unauthorized access. The "pull-tight" feature refers to the mechanism by which the seal is tightened or secured.

Pull-Tight Seals are usually adjustable in length, allowing them to fit different sizes of items that need to be secured. They are tightened by pulling the seal through a locking mechanism.

Once a Pull-Tight Security Seal is properly applied, any attempt to tamper with or remove the seal should result in visible damage or evidence. This helps in identifying if unauthorized access has occurred.

Fixed Length Security Seals

Fixed Length Security Seal

Fixed-length security seals are a type of tamper-evident seal that, unlike adjustable seals, have a predetermined and non-adjustable length.

These seals are designed for specific applications where a fixed length is sufficient to secure the item or container. Here are some key characteristics of fixed-length security seals:

Non-Adjustable Length: The length of a fixed-length security seal is set during the manufacturing process and cannot be altered or adjusted. This feature is suitable for applications where a standard size is appropriate.

Barrier Seals - Container Seals and Cable Seals

Barrier Seal Container Seal Barrier Seal Cable Seal

A Container Seal is a door seals that are put on shipping containers after the shipment is loaded. The seals is designed to stay on through the harsh conditions to the container’s  final destination. Type of Container Seals varies from high security bolt seals, cable seals and more.

Our best container seals such as bolt seals are compliant with regulations put forth by both C-TPAT and ISO 17712 : 2013 (E) as both high-security and certified container seal.

High-security construction, custom colors, unique numbering, and various model types are all the features of container seals that ensure it will fulfill your business’s specific security needs.

Cable Seals are high security seals made to withstand harsh weather environments. The metal cables comes in different diameters to suit for difference applications.