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4 Drum Poly-Slim-Line 6000




our drum spill pallets are the most popular containment solution, so why not choose the most popular model on the market? The Poly-Slim-Line has a low-profile sidewall for easy access to drums, as well as removable grates to easily clean the sump in case of a spill. It meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and is tough enough to be an outdoor storage solution.

  • Holds four 55-gallon drums
  • Provides compliant containment
  • Optional drain
  • Optional tarp to prevent rainwater intrusion
  • Optional ramp for loading with a hand truck
  • Nests for smaller shipping costs and minimal storage requirement


Additional information


54" L x 54" W x 11.25" H


84 lbs.

Spill Capacity

66 gal.

Absorb Capacity


Load Capacity

6,000 lbs.


EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, NPDES and UFC

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