Sumitube Heat Shrink Tube

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Sumitube is a heat-shrinkable tube that takes advantage of the shape-memory effect of plastics enhanced by electron beam irradiation to provide electrical, chemical and mechanical protection for harnessing in automotive and electrical cables in electronic industries.

Sumitube® products are designed to meet a wide range of industry standards including military, aerospace, UL and CSA. In addition, many specialty type materials are offered, ranging from high-temperature, low smoke, medical, conductive, chemical resistant, and low outgassing grades. Materials available include irradiated cross-linked heat-shrinkable polyolefins, fluoroplastics, and elastomers in diameters ranging from 3/64″ to 4″, in colors.

With the controlled application of heat, the diameter of a Sumitube® product will be reduced to a pre-determined size, thus providing an excellent conformal and protective insulating layer over many types of substrates. Expanded vs. recovered diameters may have shrink ratios that vary from 1.3-to-1 up to 6.0-to-1.

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