Insulation Films, Tapes and Laminates for Electrical Insulation

Polyester (PET) Film


Polyester film is used in a wide range of insulation applications, due to its excellent combination of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. It has exceptionally high dielectric strength, high tensile strength & heat resistance up to 200º. It is also resistance to radiation, acid and alkali. It is common used in cable industry for forming and shielding purposes.
SPOOL (Traverse) winding and PAD winding is available.
Products available:
• Polyester film
• Heat sealed polyester film


Aluminium Polyester Mylar Foil


Aluminium Polyester Mylar Foil can be generally is used to wrap around conductor wires in an electric cable. The Aluminium Polyester Mylar will form a protective barrier to shield the electric cables against electromagnetic or electrostatic interference. Besides providing electrical insulation the Aluminium Polyester will also assure high mechanical strength.

A various composition aluminium foil and polyester film available, mainly used for data cable, signal cables, coax cable and others.
Products available:
• Single side Aluminum + Pet laminate
• Double side Aluminum + Pet + Aluminum laminate


Copper Polyester Mylar Foil


Copper foil has a higher conductivity compared to aluminium foil. Copper foil composite with polyester film, it provides resistance to corrosion and radiation. Offer high mechanical strength.
Copper polyester composite is common used in coaxial cables, signal cables, LAN cable and other cables production.
Copper Foils; SPOOL (Traverse) winding and PAD winding is available.


Silicone coated Polyester Release Liner


Silicone coated Polyester film It is used as a release liner for a wide range of industries. Silicone have excellent release property.  Polyester is less stretchable and can withstand higher temperature compared with PE or PP, thus would be ideal choice as the base for release liner.

Main use of Silicone coated Polyester
– Release film for production processing
– Release film for industrial tapes and other adhesive products
– Release film for pharmaceutical use (e.g. pain relief patches)


Dot Embossed Non-woven Tape


Dot embossed non-woven tape is mainly made of polyester fibre, polypropylene fibre as adhesive agent and is formed by thermal bonding, scientific processing.
It is mainly use for wrapping, tightening ex-core, pitch and cushion in plastic power control cable, communication cable, optical cable and rubber sheathed cable

Electrical characteristics
Light weight, good for tensile strength due to the embossed increases the friction, it is not easy to loose when wrapped. Apply to wrapping with high speed machine.

Non-woven tape is also called light non-woven tape or thin non-woven tape normally comes in white color. Its characteristics are high strength, light unit weight, low thickness, good softness, sulphide-resistance and is suitable for wrapping all kinds of cables. It is relatively tough to melt or distort even to temperatures higher than 180°C.


Polyamide Adhesive (Kapton) Tape


The polyimide film is produced by casting method, which are high temperature resistant, the dielectric properties of the radiation resistance.

It is suitable for electrical insulation materials in high temperature electronic wire, aerial wires.


PTFE film


PTFE film also called pure Teflon film. It is a micro porous film with low density, standard grade and sintered.
Mainly used in RF cable, microwave communication cable, aerial wire wrapping and other aerospace, military, radar, electronic communication.

High and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction, wear resistance, moisture resistance.