FFC Flexible Flat Cable


FFCs are extremely thin flat cable often found in high density electronic applications like laptops and cell phones. FFC are made by laminating flat copper conductors of various dimensions with high-quality insulation foils. They offer significant competitive advantages over conventional cables. Compared with standard round wire cables, flat cables have lower weight and higher bending fatigue strength.
By utilizing different lamination films, EMI/RFI suppression and eliminating wire coupling issues can be achieved.

Adtec offers customized solutions for FFC cables incorporating folds, shields, notches, punching, slitting, marking or special mounting methods, to obtain technical information and quotation, please contact us.

FFC Lamination Film


Adtec’s FFC Lamination film is made in Korea.  After more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and research, the FFC film quality  improved and is well received in the industry.

Typical specifications of FFC Lamination Film

Item Values Remarks
Total Thickness (μm) 45 – 60  PET 25μm
Operating Temperature / Speed 140-170°C @ 1.5m/min
Tensile Strength (N/15mm) > 29.4 ASTM D 882
Elongation (%) > 60 ASTM D 882
Adhesive Force (N/25mm) Ad/Ad > 9.8
Ad/Cu > 9.8
Flame Retardant UL94 VTM-0
Shrinkage (%) MD < 3.0 ASTM D1204 (150°C, 30min)
TD > – 1.0 ASTM D1204 (150°C, 30min)