Tobin Eyewash Systems

Effective Sterile and Safe Eyewashes for Industrial Use

TOBIN’S EYEWASH SYSTEM is a well proven, quick and safe way to wash chemicals from eyes.
This specially designed system gives the fastest possible application combined with a liquid volume large enough for most eye accidents.
Why a dedicated eyewash system?
Eye Wash Chemical

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Chemicals in the eye can cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that begins within a few seconds can therefore be decisive in minimizing the damage the eye will receive. It is also of utmost importance that an eyewash system is easy to use and that the exposed eye is washed by a soft flow, both features are engineered into every Tobin bottle. The patient needs just one hand to operate the bottle and the eyewash system empties under natural pressure, the flow cannot be increased by squeezing the bottle.


Duration of eyewash
Eyewash Duration

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One Tobin Eyewash System bottle gives approx. 3 minutes of washing time and a regular five bottle stand delivers the recommended 15 minutes of washing. Auxiliary bottles can easily be removed from the stand and taken along during patient transportation to a doctor. After opening, the Eyewash bottle must be used quickly or thrown away. When left unopened each bottle has a 3 year shelf life, and the expiry date is clearly marked on the side of each bottle.


Eyewash safety regulations

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The regulations governing sterile liquids are rigorous. The bottle cannot contain any bacteria during its shelf life. When a bottle is opened the contents must be used within few hours or thrown away. The Tobin Eyewash system and all Tobin eyewash liquids are completely sterile during their shelf-life and comply with these demanding regulation standards: SS-EN 15154-4:2009, SS-EN 556-1:2006, ISO 17665-1:2006 and ISO 13485:2003.

Tobin Pocket Eyewash
Pocket Eye Wash
Contains 200 ml sterile saline solution. Personal Pocket Eyewash Flask for breast and back pocket.
It is used on the way to a proper eyewash station.

Weight 200 gram.
Measurements 17 x 8 x 3 cm


Tobin Mobile Stand
Mobile Stand (TOB129)

2×1 litre eyewash in stand for mobile units such as trucks, boats, trains etc. Plastic (PP) stand. Supplied complete with bottles, wall screws etc.


Measurements 34x20x10 cm


Stationary Stand (5 Bottles)
Dust Protected Cabinet (TOB130)

2×1 litre eyewash in a dust protected cabinet suitable for all work places, e.g. industries, building sites, storage facilities etc. Supplied complete with bottles and wall screws.


Measurements: 35x25x10 cm


Stationary Stand (2 Bottle)
Replacement Pack (TOB126)

2 x 1 Litre single use eyewash bottles to suit the Stationary Stand or Mobile Stand or Dust Cabinet.
Contains saline solution. Bottle hangs by the cap, to use break open cap and air vent at the bottom of the bottle. Flow is controlled with approximately 3 minutes of flow per bottle


Measurements 39x20x10 cm.


Stationary Stand (2 Bottle)
Stationary Stand (TOB129)

2×1 litre eyewash in wallstand. Suitable when space is a problem and/or eyewashes are required in a number of spots in the same area. Supplied complete with bottles, wall screws etc.


Measurements 39x20x10 cm.


Stationary Stand (5 Bottles)
Stationary Stand (124)

5×1 litre eyewash in a wallstand for stationary work places. Supplied complete with bottles, wall screws etc


Measurements 39x45x10 cm.