Bolt Seal

bolt-seal ST

The Acme Bolt Seal is an ISO 17712:2013 (E) compliant high security bolt seal, designed for high value ISO container cargo shipments.

The plastic coated bolt and locking bush is laser marked with identical sequential numbers for added security. When locked the bolt spins freely to confirm seal integrity.

Recommended applications

Rail, Sea & Air Container Freight, Doors, Hatches,
Trailers, Storage.


Carbon steel with zinc chromate finish
Bolt – High visibility polypropylene coated
Lock Bush – High visibility polypropylene coated


ISO 17712:2013 (E) ‘H’ compliant High Security Seal
HM Revenue & Customs High Barrier Seal Class 1
EU Regulation 2454/93, Article 386, Annex 46A
US In-Bond Security

Available Operating Length



Bolt – 18.8mm dia head and 7.9mm dia shaft
Bush – 18.1mm dia head reducing to 12.0mm

Average Breaking Strength

Tensile Pull Strength – 20.20(kN)
Shear Test – 8.96 (kN)
Impact Test at 18º C – 40.68+(J)
Impact Test at -27º C – 40.68+(J)
Bending Test – 67.34(Nm)